Welcome to Denton Village website.

Denton is a small village located on the A428 just east of Northampton in the UK.

Our aim is to develop an “information” style site where residents can find out what is going on and get information on issues of interest to them. It is hoped that we develop a “community” feel to the site and that it reflects the hard work of volunteer and appointed groups within the community as well as recognise individuals who make Denton what it is.

A great deal of time has been spent planning the website so that it can grow with our needs and ideas as a community. There are some exciting features we can include at a later date including letting registered users have their say and appointing people to contribute to the site either in regular features or when issues arise.  For those of you who may be interested the site is managed using a package called “WordPress”. The website team can be contacted at : info@denton-village.com

I hope you look forward as I do to the development of our website.

Denton Parish Plan URGENT

An urgent reminder to residents of Denton to complete the village survey.

Please see the Parish Issues page for more information and a copy of the leaflet circulated to residents.